Parc national du Kilimandjaro

Destination Overview

  • Climate: Accessible through the year; wet season is from March to May; dry season is from June to September.
  • Activities: Hiking, Mountain Cycling, paragliding, Filming and photographic safaris, Walking Safaris, Bird watching and Camping.
  • Popular: Hiking, Paragliding | Accessibility: By road and Air | Size: 1,712 km²

Visit Kilimanjaro National Park

Kilimanjaro Mountain is renown as the roof of Africa with its highest peak standing at an elevation of 5,895 metres above the sea level. Hiking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro is many hikers dreaming experience as it gives you a chance to experience its various zonation as you trek through various routes.

Apart from hiking, Kilimanjaro National Park has more than 170 different bird species, 140 animal species and many other for birders and wildlife lovers. You can opt for maximum of 10 days hiking the mountain or few days performing in other activities such as bird watching, walking safaris and paragliding.

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