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Unique 4x4 Safari Vehicles

You are probably on safari to escape the razz-ma-tazz of the modern world. To immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the ancient and beautiful landscapes of Africa. And to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of her incredible array of wild animals. To do this you will inevitably spend a lot of time in your safari jeep.

Nous concevons des véhicules de safari sur mesure depuis des années. C'est presque une obsession parce que c'est tellement important pour votre plaisir de la vie sauvage. Les nôtres peuvent donc être ouverts de tous côtés.

• The front windscreen is not only larger than any of our competitors, but it can be quickly opened flat so that you can enjoy unobstructed forward viewing and cooling breezes – and just as easily closed up should the weather change.
• Our rear side windows can also be folded open – sliding panes, frames and all – to let you feel closer to nature and to give you completely unobstructed side views for photography or just relaxed enjoyment.
• Our roof hatches are not the notorious ‘pop top’. Our roofs open up completely – open you to the beauty of the skies, the birds and the tree tops. No more squirming around the ‘pop top’ to see that leopard in the tree beside you, or those wonderful squadrons of pelicans or storks spiralling upwards on air thermals. And if the sun is hot we have hats for you, or can quickly close the hatches as needed.

We also give you more leg room in the vehicle by reducing the number of seats, and this also gives us space in the back to carry comfortable picnic chairs and tables for that private picnic spot away from crowds.

Customer Centric Culture

At Brilliant Adventures and Safaris, you are always the number one priority. We do all within our means to make your Tanzanian safari trip exceptional, classic, safe, breath taking and stress free; giving you ample time of enjoying your vacation and what nature has to offer.

We understand that it is your time, money and safari and we are here to make it worthwhile by assisting you all the way from tailoring your itinerary, recommendations and all travel needs and assistance.


First thing goes first at Brilliant Adventures and Safaris, that’s professionalism. From our Tanzania Safari Experts to our Professional Safari Guides in the wildernesses of Tanzania.

Our team is made up of staff who knows what you need and how to deliver it easily and appropriate. This will leave your face wide smiling from the start till the end of your safari.  

We go the Extra mile

We go an extra mile to make you happy. We will wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night to make sure that you have that perfect Tanzanian Experience.

Avec nous, vous obtiendrez certainement tout ce dont vous avez toujours rêvé en Tanzanie, car nous serons à vos côtés 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7.

World Class Service

Travelling with Brilliant Adventures and Safaris means that your driver guide will cruise off the beaten routes with no limitation of fuel consumption, your safari vehicle is well equipped with:

  • VHF radio call
  • Tanzania Safari guide books
  • a pair of binoculars
  • guiding map
  • Wi-Fi
  • charging system
  • mini fridge for cool drinks
  • unlimited mineral water and soft drinks
  • extra park permits and special permits.

Professional Guides

We select guides for,
• Experience,
• Social skills and language fluency,
• Area and field knowledge,
• Natural history knowledge.

You will spend hours in the company of your Guide and you will probably end your safari as good friends. He or she will lead you on your adventures with us. They HAVE to be the best. Ours are. We go on field trips together and take their skills way beyond Certificate or Diploma level.

Nos guides ne sont pas de simples employés. Ce sont des membres expérimentés, bien rémunérés et faisant partie intégrante de notre société, qui se concentrent sur la conception de votre voyage avec nous.

Travelling with Purpose

We have always wanted to give our guests a new meaning of travel. Our goal is to combine a safari tour, a Zanzibar vacation, or a Kilimanjaro trek with a meaningful project in our community.

As a third-world country, the majority of our communities are poor. You can support our community by donating, volunteering, or organizing a fundraiser through Share Tanzania.

For more information and to make a donation please visit Share Tanzania website here >>

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