Katavi National Park

Destination Overview

Popular: Largest number of Hippos.    

Size:  4,471 km²

Climate: Tropical; Heavy rains in December.

Accessibility: By road, Air and Railroad.

Activities: Hiking, Nature walk, bird watching, Camping, Filming and Game viewing.

It is the third largest National Park in the country and encompasses the Katuma river and seasonal lake Katavi and lake Chada. These water bodies are the homes of hippos and crocodiles. Carnivores in the Park includes lions, cheetah, wild dogs, leopards and hyenas. Herbivores includes elephants, zebras, buffaloes, eland, sable, roan antelopes and giraffes.

The Park is a true meaning of wilderness as it is so isolated and seldom visited which gives a visitor a true sense of African wilderness.

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