Kitulo National Park

Destination Overview

Popular: Variety species of flowers; known as the Garden of God.  

Size:  413 km²

Climate: Rain Season between November and May

Accessibility: By road, Air and Railroad.

Activities: Hiking, Nature walk, bird watching, Camping, Game ViewingFilming and Cycling.

Kitulo National Park, also known as Kitulo plateau is located between jagged peaks of the Kipengere, Livingstone and Poroto mountains in Southern Highlands of Tanzania. Visitors have named it the garden of God; indeed, the botanical beauty of Kitulo will leave your eyes wide open – having more than 350 wild species of vascular plants.

Kitulo is a home of vast grass eating animals and birds. Its spectacular nature makes it a perfect destination of birders who flock to sighting of rare Denham’s bustard, the endangered blue swallow, mountain marsh widow, Njombe cisticola, Kipengere seedeater, Lesser kestrel. The Park is also a resting point of Migratory birds ‘Storks’ that flew from South Africa to Northern Europe.

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