Lake Victoria Exploration Trip


Trip overview

The magnificent Lake Victoria is one of the greatest lakes in Africa named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom by Explorer John Speke in 1858 as he was in the search of the source of the great River Nile.

Covering to about 68,800 square kilometres it is the largest tropical Lake in the world and the second largest fresh water lake in the world measured by surface area after Lake Superior in North America.

Explore beautiful scenery of this splendid lake as you cruise through it in an hour or more.

You will have greater chance of seeing crocodile sun basking on the rocks. From Mwanza town, you will start your boat excursion from Bismack rocks, fish market and other smaller islands.

In the same day you can also decide to do sport fishing which is usually conducted from 07hrs30 in the morning.

This experience is one of its kind, you will see the Nile crocodiles at their closeup views and enjoy your fresh, fresh water fish.

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