Manyara National Park

Destination Overview

  • Climate: Accessible through the year; heavy rains February to May; Short rains October to November and dry season June to October.
  • Activities: Night Game Drives, Canoeing, Game Drives, Walking Safaris, Filming and Photographic tourism, bird watching and canopy tree walk.
  • Popular: Tree Climbing Lions, Canopy Tree Walk | Accessibility: By road and Air | Size: 648.7 km²

Visit Lake Manyara

Manyara National Park is one of the top destinations in the Northern part of Tanzania. Its name has been derived from plants known as Euphorbia tirucalli; called Emanyara in Maasai Language.

The Park is one of the few National Parks where Night game drives can be done. It is also easily accessible and nearer to Arusha city which is the tourist hub.

Apart from Tree climbing lions who does that because of the alkaline and wet soil in the park, other animals found in the park includes; elephants, hippos, zebras, giraffes, buffalos and various bird species (such as flamingos, ground hornbill, grey crowned crane).

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