Nyerere National Park

Destination Overview

  • Climate: Shortest rains between November and December
  • Activities: Walking Safaris, Game viewing, Filming and Photographic tourism, bird watching and boat rides.
  • Popular: Highest concentration Africa’s wild dogs; The big five | Accessibility: By road and Air | Size: 30,893 km²

Visit Nyerere National Park

Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania and the 08th in Africa at an elevation of 4,566 metres above the sea level. A hike to the top of Mount Meru gives you a close up view of other wild animals such as giraffes, buffaloes and warthogs. Not to mention the geological and ecosystem features on the way up are stunning.

The mountain can be used as a place to acclimatize before hiking Kilimanjaro. Also, because it is not so popular with tourists, it is never so crowded which makes it an ideal hiking destination to climbing enthusiasts.

Soda lakes of Momela is Arusha National Park, are breeding roosting sites for flamingos. Not only that, but also the lakes have such beautiful views for photographic safaris as well as canoeing.

Other attractions apart from wild animals are; plants, birds and waterfall.

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