Rubondo Island


Destination Overview

Size: 456.8 km²

Accessibility: Land, Air and Water.

Best time to visit: June – September

Activities: Boat excursions, Sport Fishing, Bird Watching, Chimpanzee habituation Experience, Camping, Game Viewing, Walking Safaris and Cultural Tours.

51.8% of Rubondo Island is land and the remain in covered by water. 80% of the dry land is covered by dense forest which inhabit various wildlife. Statunga is an iconic animal in Rubondo island National Park. Other wildlife are such as crocodiles, genet cats, hippos, bush bucks, bush pigs and chimpanzees, elephants and giraffes which were introduced in the Park. Apart from Game Viewing, walking safaris and other wilderness activities, Rubondo Island offers you a chance to experience cultural sites used by natives of this area.

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