Udzungwa Mountains

Destination Description

Udzungwa Mountains is also the Eastern Arc Mountains stretching across 15 regions in Tanzania and they include; South Pare Mountains, East Usambara Mountains, Nguu Mountains, Nguru Mountains, Uluguru Mountains, Rubeho Mountains, Ukaguru Mountains and Mahenge Mountains.

Udzungwa Mountains is a trekking and hiking destination as it is only passable by foot. It is the home of endemic species including Sanje mangabey and Kipunji monkeys. On top of that Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a home of more than 400 bird species and 2500 plant species.


Start your journey at your agreed time in the morning from Morogoro. Which is only about 2 hrs and 40 minutes.

Sanje waterfalls plunges about 200 metres high and is one of the biggest in the park. It takes to about 4 hours to hike to this magnificent waterfall. Enjoy beautiful sceneries on the way and swim on arrival.


Udzungwa Mountains is one of the must visit destination for bird watchers. With over 400 bird species, you will have plenty of time early in the morning and late evening to perform in this remarkable tourism activity. Apart from being rich in bird species, the Park is also relatively quiet, which make it an ideal place for bird watching. This can be done all year around and from different trails in the park.

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