Zanzibar Tours

Beach holiday and cultural tours.


Destination Overview

Popular: Beach holiday and cultural tours.

Islands: The popular ones are Unguja and Pemba.

Size: 16 – 31 Miles of the coasts of mainland Tanzania.

Climate: Tropical high temperature and humidity all the year. Average temperature 270C.

Religion: Islam


Zanzibar history dates back from 1504 where it was first invaded by Portuguese and remained so for about two centuries. Followed by Arabs and Europeans. However, the island is believed to be inhabited about 20,000 years ago. The stone town will offer you a glimpse into the history of Zanzibar.

Stone town has old buildings and houses with magnificent architecture, streets of sand and stone with some having more than 200 years old. Wooden door carved and decorated in Arab / Indian culture styles.

Shop various products and services such as fresh tropical fruits, spices, fish and vegetables in an old market that started to operate back in 1904. Though the majority of the population in Zanzibar are Islam, there is Christianity history, you will see the Anglican Church of Christ built by Bishop Steers in 1873 on the site where slaves were auctioned.

Other highlights of our historic city tour are; a visit to a palace built in 1883 by the sultan of the island (House of Wonders); the Forodhani Gardens where you can watch the sundown while you are tasting locally prepared dishes; Zanzibar pizzas and grilled seafood and Visit of the Old Fort – Built by the Portuguese.



In this tour you will know why Zanzibar Island is known as the “Spice Island”. Walk through the lush greenery of the island’s countryside, smelling and tasting a variety of ‘spices and fruits tempting the seasonal tropics such as peach fruit, pineapple, green banana, coconut juice, Dourian, sweet apple, litche, soursop and so much more ro mention. And spices, like cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, vanilla and nutmeg.

Along this you will also have the chance to see the iodine plant, heena bush, ylang-ylang, lipstick, cocoa and coffee trees.



Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island is the central island of the three visible from Stone Town located at a distance of only 30 minutes ride by motorized wooden boat. The prison on this island was built in 1893 but never hosted any prisoner so it was later used as a quarantine hospital for Europeans who were suffering from tropical diseases.

The most interesting part of this island is seeing the giant tortoises brought from the Seychelles by Sultan Said in the 1820s. Swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing or just relaxing are amongst other activities you can do and enjoy the peace that this beautiful island can offer


Jozani Forest is the only remaining natural forest on Unguja Island located 35 km southeast of Stone Town with an area of ​​around 1000 hectares. There used to be antelopes and leopards in this forest. Currently, it is the habitat of red colobus monkeys and Sykes Blue Monkeys. The red colobus monkey is one of the rarest and most endangered species on the planet. Those in this forest are very friendly and love to be photographed. They can be approached and seen up close with the help of our guides. Other interesting features of this forest are the coastal evergreen bush, mangrove forest, grasslands and saline groundwater forests



This tour is done in a small village at the southern tip of the island (Kizimkazi) which is an hour away drive. The surface of the Kizimkazi canal is broken by the skimming arcs of wild bottlenose dolphins. Drive by motor boat to see the dolphins and if lucky is on your side you can swim very close with them; they are very friendly!

Note that the Kizimkazi dolphins are wild but there is 85% chance of seeing them. A small snorkelling trip is also part of this circuit (diving equipment can also be hired on the site). Don’t forget to bring your towels, shorts and swimsuits.


Safari Blue is a full day excursion and includes use of snorkeling equipment with guides and instructors, frozen sodas, mineral water, delicious seafood buffet lunch in Zanzibar which includes grilled fish, sea cicadas and squid.

Discover Minai Bay from Fumba village in southwest Zanzibar where you will board a traditional dhow to experience the beauty of the Minai Bay Conservation Area. You can swim between pristine white sandbanks, visit islets, and snorkel in coral reefs. Seasonal fruits will also be served.

When the tide is high, you can also explore the natural lagoon which is located on Kwale Islet. This lagoon is surrounded by a mangrove forest where you will swim for an unforgettable experience.



The surroundings of Mnemba are protected and magnificent, in terms of flora and fauna. You will snorkel here (equipment can be provided on request). Tasting of fruits and non-alcoholic drinks on board.


In the north of the island, to discover the activities of the locals: manufacture of nails for boats, manufacture of boats for fishing and for cruises. After having visited the village, we will go to the north-east of the village to enjoy the sea (swim).



Learn to cook local dishes from the local It’s a local. The class starts at the main market where you will purchase food items, spices, fruits and all the necessary ingredients for the activity. Then go to a local family to start the course by learning the preparation of the chosen dishes, according to the given menu. This is an experience of its own kind.



This tour will take you through aquaculture where you wll This visit the algae center which produces algae and transforms algae into cosmetic products. The center produces cosmetics based on algae and uses algae for food.

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