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Brilliant Adventures and Safaris

Brilliant Adventures and Safaris is a company owned and operated by a local Tanzanian family who have a love of travel and a wealth of knowledge about Tanzania, its wildlife, flora and fauna. Our team are dedicated to showing our guests the best that Tanzania has to offer to its visitors.

Our motto is “Go Different…” because we aim to innovate and bring in new ideas to the industry, especially in this ever-changing travel industry.

We aim to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations in the industry to promote and protect our flora, fauna, cultures, landscapes, and economy.

Our objective at the end of the day is to bring happiness and peace to our clients and perhaps a new way to look at the world.

Elephants family


To conduct safaris and tours that will show the beauty and magnificence of Tanzania’s wilderness and wildlife, the strength of her culture and the graciousness of her people.

To strive for our guests to enjoy outstanding experiences and to return safely to their homes with new perspectives and maybe even lives changed.

To strive that all parties to these adventures – our guests themselves and their various travel partners grow in strength and success.

In all these endeavors to focus on high product quality which rewards both the Customer and the company.


Honesty and Openness

At all times, internally and externally, transparency is very important to us. This creates an environment for us to thrive in, brings in new ideas and helps us creates strong lasting relationships with our partners.


Without working together, the world would not have evolved to what it is now. That is why we value collaboration a lot. Together, we can create, build, and sustain our vision.

Eager to share

Ideas, as well as criticism, should be shared openly. This pushes us to innovate as well as makes us aware of our weaknesses.


We believe discipline breeds consistency which is essential for any business to grow and sustain itself.


Care for our customers is a core value of ours. Their wellbeing is front and center of everything we do.

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